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Launching New Initiatives in International Marketing and Student Recruitment

Although you can work with Jackfruit Marketing on individual projects, for richer results and particularly when it comes to seeing a new initiative move from launch to a growth phase, we normally advise you on an ongoing basis.

As your consultant, we're available for you around the clock to guide you at every step of the way, strengthening your institution or organisation from within and providing you with an unbiased, dedicated resource for your marketing, communications, recruitment and growth strategies.

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Creating a New Brand or Refreshing Your Current Brand

We’ve helped launch and refresh a variety of brands in the international education industry. Building or refining a brand is more than just logos, colours and typefaces, although that’s often an easy place to start.

If you’re creating a brand from scratch, then you have an endless array of choices for your visual identity. Before writing a project brief for our designers, we’ll work with you to ensure your new look will fit your strategic goals and vision.

Working with Jackie has transformed the business. With structured plans and mentoring, she allowed me to focus on what matters in building our brand and was able to help refresh every aspect of how we presented our offering. Without Jackie's input, we would not be where we are today.


-- David Hawkins, Director and Founder of The University Guys

Existing brands have different brand challenges, such as:

  • Maintaining consistency across various branded products or services, particularly when introducing new ones or aligning them under one overarching brand identity.
  • Ensuring your brand conveys emotion and projects your company values.
  • Keeping a brand story alive in rapidly changing environments or when collaborating with third parties such as student recruitment agencies.
  • Differentiating your brand in a crowded marketplace.

From a small brand uplift or modernisation to a complete brand overhaul, Jackfruit Marketing can create your new logo, new slogan, campaigns and full suite of marketing materials across multiple channels.

Going beyond the physical look-and-feel of a brand, we’ll evaluate your brand positioning in current or prospective markets, and we’ll explore ways to dial up your Unique Selling Points (USPs) via strong brand messages or engaging brand experiences.

In addition, we are experts in harnessing the power of storytelling in branding, and we’ll establish several story themes that will resonate with your audience while also being true to your brand's values and positioning.


To create or enhance your brand story, check out our highly popular masterclass, which can be delivered either face to face or remotely:

What’s Your Story? How to Activate Storytelling in Your Marketing and Brand Strategies.

Building or Relaunching Your Website

In today’s digital world, your website is the most powerful marketing tool you have, and its effectiveness is directly linked to increased student enrolments or sales.

Over the years, Jackfruit Marketing has helped several brands launch or relaunch their websites, working from initial concepts straight through to launch.

  • Web Strategy

    This is a two-part process that looks at your digital strategies from both the inside and out:

    • Dig Deep - We begin by exploring how well your current site is performing, identifying areas of strength as well as those needing improvement.
    • Bird's Eye View - We take a big picture, lateral view to ensure that your web strategy is integrated into every other aspect of your marketing. During this research phase, we also work with you to enable you to think bigger and imagine new possibilities for your site, from its appearance to its functionality.
  • Wireframes and Design

    When (re)designing your site, we place a high priority on user experience (UX) and user pathways through the site that will generate more engagement and more leads.

    We'll produce wireframes per page, conduct process mapping, outline technical requirements and incorporate a new look and feel to elevate your brand.

    We can work with your own set of designers, or tap into our associate network and get creative input from one of the designers we've worked with on previous projects.

  • Brand Story and Content Writing

    With added functionality and a fresh new look, your web copy will need a boost too. In most cases, we've completely re-written content for our clients in order to inject more brand power or personality, to utilise clearer language and aid usability, or to ramp up the effectiveness of keywords and search strategies.

  • Development and Testing

    We can work with your internal web developers or rely on our partner web company to execute front and back end development work.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    We'll plan and execute both on-page and off-page SEO strategies including keyword research and monitoring.

  • Outstanding ROI

    Within days of relaunching, we've seen our client's sites achieve immediate boosts in brand value and leads, with results further increasing incrementally over time.

    • Volume of page views doubled
    • Time on site doubled
    • Number of page visits per visitor doubled

Want to see some examples?

Product or Service Launches

We have a strong track record in launching new initiatives – going back to an App Yap Contest for the youth and student travel industry back in the hey days of mobile app development to 2011 and the creation of ICEF Monitor, a ground-breaking market intelligence resource for the international education industry.

When we look to launch a new product or service offering, we’ll typically start by researching the landscape to get a clear view on how a brand’s new offer fills a gap in the marketplace or provides a new, niche solution.

If you’re looking to launch a new product or service, we can help you with the following:

  • Trend spotting, forecasting, and tracking patterns and changes in consumer demand or behaviour, and societal shifts.
  • Research on the latest digital and tech trends, marketing techniques, performance, and key players.
  • Examination of government regulations, immigration changes, and international student mobility patterns.
  • Translating research, data, trends, and external developments into revenue-generating business opportunities for you.

Event Launches

We’re always eager to develop new initiatives with our clients and partners, especially those that foster dialogues and knowledge sharing. One recent example is the brand new BMI Global Scholarship Symposium, which we ran in partnership with international education services company BMI for the first time in 2020.

As the event partner, Jackfruit Marketing’s founder Jackie Kassteen served as the Symposium Director and produced the programme, consisting of interactive sessions designed to encourage attendees to learn from their peers and share best practices between institutions and funding bodies.

Universities, scholarship organisations, and funding agencies from around the world met virtually for interactive dialogues dedicated to learning and mutual exchange of information to facilitate partnerships which support fully-funded or government-sponsored students.

Attendees had the opportunity to compare and contrast their programmes’ performance, selection process and structure, and content was designed to help institutions to conquer the complexities they might face when working with scholarship and funding organisations. Topics also catered for those who are new to the scholarship landscape and may need guidance on relationship building with funding agencies or internal process management within their institutions.

As quoted in the event press release, Jackie explained, “What makes the Symposium so valuable is that we’re the only event out there that gives universities this knowledge and helps them build expertise in an area of our industry which is incredibly important for both an institution’s enrolment as well as for increasing students’ access to a top quality educational experience abroad.”

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