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Enhancing Your International Marketing and Student Recruitment

Whether you’re new to internationalisation or looking to take your marketing and recruitment activities to the next level, Jackfruit Marketing can provide the support you need to help you achieve your recruitment and retention goals.

We can work with you on an individual project basis, or on a monthly retainer for longer-term growth and development. We also provide training either face to face or remotely for individuals and teams.

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Project Management and Execution

Whether short-term or long-term, you can think of us as an extra set of hands whenever you need it.

Your strategic plans are only as good as the execution that follows. Jackfruit Marketing can help you kick off new projects, stay within the budget, and stick to a schedule of key milestones.

Projects and Marketing Support

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes from outside of your institution or organisation can help pinpoint areas of improvement or identify previously undiscovered ways to maximise and enhance ROI.

Whether you are targeting students, parents, alumni, clients or partners, we can support you with all of your essential marketing materials as well as experiment with innovative new techniques or approaches to enhance your marketing, communications, recruitment and growth strategies.

Benefits of working on a project-by-project basis:

  • Receive short-term support immediately.
  • Help you achieve your goals for a specific project.
  • Ideal when you need interim support to fill vacancies or maternity covers.
  • Very flexible option – no long term commitment on your part.
  • Time frame – a few weeks up to about 6 months.

Examples typically include:

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Building Personas >

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Marketing Consultancy in International Education

You can work with Jackfruit Marketing on individual projects, or for richer results, we can collaborate on a more strategic level and advise you on an ongoing basis.

As your consultant, we empower and strengthen your institution or organisation from within, and provide you with an unbiased, dedicated resource for your marketing, communications, recruitment and growth strategies.

Jackfruit Marketing can work with you to add structure and strategy to your activities which can help guide day-to-day tasks, rally your staff around your vision and goals, provide a clear window on ROI, and set you on a course towards growth.

Ongoing Consultancy and Advice

Even seasoned professionals in international education can use a fresh perspective on how to adapt to fluctuating market conditions and how to innovate in the months and years ahead. Moreover, a bit of guidance can come in handy if you’ve moved from an academic role to a more strategic one that now encompasses marketing and recruitment.

Jackfruit Marketing can work with you to create an overarching, integrated strategic plan in order to bring structure and focus to your marketing, content, communications, social media, and partnership activities.

Benefits of working on a consultancy basis:

  • For richer results, we work together on an ongoing basis.
  • You have a dedicated resource, available to you 24/7.
  • We are your partner and an extension of your team, here to support senior management as well as up-and-coming employees.
  • Most cost effective option – our 20+ years of expertise is at your disposal for less than the cost of an intern.
  • Time frame – lasting for at least 6 months and normally continuing for several years.

Over time, we’ll help you move beyond maintaining your market position to gaining a competitive advantage by differentiating your brand, marketing techniques, your programmes, and the student experience.

Examples of consultancy support typically include:

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Growth >

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Development >

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Content Marketing >

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Launches & Innovation >

Staff Training and Professional Development

In addition to our role as a consultant or project manager, Jackfruit Marketing offers bespoke training and masterclasses to help kick your marketing and international student recruitment up a notch.

These training sessions can be delivered to your team in-house or remotely and are also offered on a one-to-one basis. Sample topics we recommend include:

  • Best practices and new techniques to improve your marketing
    and recruitment results
  • What’s happening in recruitment? A round-the-world tour of
    trends and stats from today’s biggest sending markets
  • Content marketing strategies, planning and execution
  • Differentiating your brand: How to stand out in a competitive market
  • Does disruption mean extinction? Looking beyond our industry
    for inspiration, trends and forecasts

Our founder Jackie is well-known for her dynamic presentations which provide both inspiration as well as practical tips and proven techniques.

Learn more about our training sessions or use the contact form below to discover how Jackfruit Marketing can help enhance your international marketing plans and activities.

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How We Help The International Education Industry

Covering The Full Student Journey at Each Level of International Education

Founder and Managing Director of Jackfruit Marketing, Jackie Kassteen has 20+ years of experience in marketing and international student recruitment across education sectors and around the world. Jackie personally oversees all client work, and when needed, additional support and skills are provided via Jackfruit Marketing's global network of trusted associates.

Over the years, we've enabled a wide variety of institutions and organisations to revitalise their brands, refine their marketing strategies, and boost international growth.


We work with a range of education providers such as language schools, pathway providers, K-12 and boarding schools, vocational and higher education institutions.

K-12 Schools

As demographic changes take hold and domestic populations decline, many institutions are looking to fill empty seats with foreign students as a way to hit enrolment targets.

Jackfruit Marketing can help primary, secondary, and boarding schools to boost their international student numbers, concentrating on the markets that will bring you the strongest ROI and be the best strategic fit for your institution.

Language Schools

Due to their strong agent networks, many language schools haven’t focused too much on direct marketing. However, a more proactive approach towards international student recruitment can enable schools to boost their revenue and their brand value, which in turn can help grow direct enrolments.

Jackfruit Marketing can help you to strike a healthy balance between direct and partner recruitment methods, including how to further support agents through enhanced training and by providing them with customisable, co-branded materials that promote your school.

Postsecondary Education

Whether you’re a community college, university, or further education college, having a cohesive strategic plan is essential in order for you to achieve your internationalisation goals. Jackfruit Marketing can initiate growth strategies and create revenue streams via new programmes, services, channels, partners, and markets.

Given their size and scale, many large universities often suffer from “the silo effect” with little communication between departments. Jackfruit Marketing can work with you to bridge the gap between domestic and international student recruitment marketing, as well as align an international strategy with an institution’s marketing and digital strategies.

Perhaps your institution is new to working with student recruitment agents? We can help you establish a solid foundation when recruiting through third parties to ensure that your brand is well represented and your agency partners have the support they need. We assist with agency contracts, agent training, managing an agent network, and keeping agents informed and excited about your educational offering.

Enabling Those Who Support The International Education Industry

Whether you're looking to build revenue, break into a new market, ramp up your marketing, or introduce a new product or service, you'll get plenty of support and guidance from our team at Jackfruit Marketing.

Service Providers

Over the years, we've worked with a variety of firms that support the international education industry such as those specialising in accommodation, events, exams, guardianship, insurance, and technology.


From one entrepreneur to another, our founder really enjoys working with start-ups and we've helped several entrepreneurs go from concept to launch, giving them strategic advice on brand identity, product offering, business structure, marketing and communications.


Jackfruit Marketing also works with a number of international education associations to help them build their profile in the industry, obtain new members and enhance membership benefits.

Recruitment Agencies

We advise student recruitment agencies on the planning and execution of their direct marketing activities (traditional and digital), as well as guide them through the process of building their own alumni community of brand champions.

In addition, we help agencies develop strategic partnerships and manage relationships with institutions, industry, media, governments, and associations.

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