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Presenting at Upcoming International Education and Marketing Events

As Founder and Managing Director of Jackfruit Marketing, Jackie Kassteen is often on the road delivering inspiring keynotes and interactive masterclasses to an international education audience. In the last few years, many of her plenaries and presentations have also been delivered online to audiences worldwide.

NAFSA Annual Conference in Washington, DC, USA

May 30 - June 2, 2023


Banish Burnout: Managing Your Well-Being and Supporting Positive Team Morale
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 9:30 AM – 10:20 AM EDT Location: WCC, Salon C

As our industry adjusts to the Great Resignation and shifting employment trends, this session explores how you can cope, adapt, and thrive from both personal and teammate perspectives. Join this highly interactive and practical session for takeaway templates to help you achieve life and career goals without sacrificing your mental health.

Learning Objectives:

  • Benchmark your institution and teams based on findings from a series of polls.
  • Discuss previous experiences and share stories with peers to reflect on actions and results and learn how to apply a new approach to workplace stress in anticipation of future challenges.
  • Take away inspiring ideas and techniques for positive thinking and maintaining a positive mental attitude in the face of disruption or instability.


  • Tonya M. Veltrop, MBA, Assistant Director of International Health, Safety and Security, University of Missouri
  • Jacqueline Kassteen, Founder & Managing Director, Jackfruit Marketing


Using Cross-Departmental Collaboration to Revamp International Marketing and Recruitment
Friday, June 2, 2023 11:30 AM – 12:20 PM EDT Location: WCC, Salon AB

Learn how to unite several departments under one common goal to modernize an institution’s branding approach for various student audiences, as well as refresh international recruitment channels, including websites, email marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Using a “then and now” comparison, presenters share challenges they overcame, and the processes used to make the transition.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine case studies from two different types of institutions to apply these examples to one's own environment.
  • Identify how cross-collaboration between departments and units across campus yields stronger brand awareness for prospective students.
  • Participate in interactive polls to discover where one’s institution stands in relation to peers and how to implement change when back at the office.
  • Recommend actionable steps you can take at one's institution through checklists, tips, and lessons learned that will guide one’s own planning and project execution.


  • Jacqueline Kassteen, Founder & Managing Director, Jackfruit Marketing
  • Jameela Abdullah, Associate Director, International Admissions, Kent State University Office Of Global Education


Indonesia Insights: Essential Information for Building Your Recruitment Strategy
Thursday, June 1, 202310:30 AM – 12:00 PM EDT Location: Halls ABC, Poster Fair Area, Table 66B

Wohoo! This was chosen as the Best Poster Winner in our category!
Theme: Model Practices in International Enrollment Management

Our Indonesia Market Report offers a strategic overview of the nation’s education and recruitment scene. For institutions that are new to the market, our free report helps you understand how to establish your brand, where to focus your energies, and what you can expect when recruiting students from the world’s 4th most populous country.


  • Jacqueline Kassteen, Founder & Managing Director, Jackfruit Marketing, United Kingdom
  • Rupert Merrick, Chief Strategic Officer, BMI / Times Higher Education, United Kingdom

NAFSA Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado, USA

May 31 - June 3, 2022

Poster Session: What You Need to Know When Recruiting from Mexico
Wednesday, June 1 from 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

We are proud to announce that our poster will be featured in NAFSA's 2022 Conference. This poster features data and market intelligence from the brand new Mexico Market Report which Jackfruit Marketing researched and wrote for BMI.

As the second biggest market in Latin America, opportunities abound for recruiters across the education spectrum, from language and summer schools up to tertiary institutions.

The report begins with a review of Mexico’s enrolments across key states in the country. We then turn our gaze outwards, presenting a lengthy track record of statistics for destination markets. Mexico’s story is further played out via a wide range of figures and insights covering the economy, social media, latest trends and growth opportunities. Our desk and field research gives you the data you need combined with our on-the-ground experience and insights into Mexico’s education evolution.

Interactive Session: The Impact of Engaging Parents and Families as Strategic Partners

Thursday, June 2 from 9:30 AM – 10:20 AM

Jackfruit Marketing joins a panel of experts to discuss frameworks for engaging parents as strategic partners in internationalisation through the lens of global partnerships, marketing, and alumni relations. We will lead facilitated discussions to identify ways to develop internal partnerships to manage and motivate enthusiastic family volunteers from major and emerging markets to be impactful institutional brand ambassadors.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define why engaging parents and families as strategic partners creates new opportunities to sustain internationalisation.
  • Identify internal campus partnerships to begin new programmes.
  • Understand the importance of a coordinated relationship management approach across the institution.
  • Harness the enthusiasm of family volunteers from major and emerging markets to be institutional spokespersons and brand ambassadors.


Study State Consortia Luncheon Meeting and Presentation

Best Practices for Engaging Stakeholders in Regional/Statewide Marketing and Recruitment

Friday, June 3 from 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Jackfruit Marketing will be at NAFSA and engaging with all the Study State Consortia there via our alignment with the US Commercial Services. We are also sponsoring and presenting at the Consortia Luncheon Discussion which is a government-led initiative and open to all Study State brands.



NAFSA Region VII Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Nov 6-8, 2022


Panel Session: How to increase your student enrolments from Mexico

Just south of the US border lies a country with 126+ million people, with 50% of households in urban areas identifying as middle class. Yet for a place with so much potential, enrolments from Mexico into US higher ed have been sliding since 2014. Meanwhile, other countries are welcoming more Mexicans. How can the US reclaim market share?

We unlock the data behind this key Latin American sending market and the techniques needed to enhance your brand presence in Mexico and increase enrolments. We explain highlights from our 2022 Market Report and give ample time for interactive group discussions.


Interactive Open Dialogue: The Impact of Engaging Parents and Families as Strategic Partners

Through facilitated discussions covering 4 themes (reflection, collaboration, near-term opportunities, and future ambitions), we will:

  • Explore frameworks for engaging parents as strategic partners in internationalisation (for short-term mobility as well as full-degree recruitment).
  • Dig into parent personas and decision making drivers.
  • Identify ways to develop internal partnerships to manage and motivate enthusiastic family volunteers from major or emerging markets to be impactful institutional brand ambassadors.

Keynote speaker, popular presenter and
proficient trainer at events worldwide

Jackie frequently creates bespoke presentations on request or she can modify one of her more popular talks to suit your audience.

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See Topics and Formats >


Keynote Speaker, Popular Presenter and Proficient Trainer at Events Worldwide

Jackie frequently creates bespoke presentations on request or she can modify one of her more popular talks to suit your audience.

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See Topics and Formats >

Staff Training and Professional Development

For more in-depth presentations, Jackie runs several masterclasses which range in length from half a day up to three full days.

These bespoke training sessions can be delivered to your team in-house or remotely and are also offered on a one-to-one basis.

Our founder Jackie is well-known for her dynamic presentations which provide both inspiration as well as practical tips and proven techniques.

Learn more about our training sessions and masterclasses or use the contact form below to discover how Jackfruit Marketing can help support your international marketing, recruitment and growth strategies.

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Speaking Engagements at International Education and Marketing Conferences Around the World

As an experienced keynote speaker, Jackie covers a range of topics in marketing, technology, disruption, strategic business development, customer profiles and behaviour, and student recruitment. Her expertise has led her to appear on a variety of stages such as:

  • Flagship conferences for the international education industry like NAFSA, EAIE, and AIEC.
  • Niche presentations for regional education groups in the USA, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, and Finland.
  • Events by sector associations specialising in language learning, boarding schools, higher education, recruitment, transnational education, study abroad, and travel.

In the last few years, Jackie has given over 130 talks on 4 continents for audiences large and small, ranging in size from 15 to 1,500 people.

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