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Acting as a personal, trusted advisor, Jackfruit Marketing works with clients on their international recruitment, retention, marketing and growth strategies.

We’ll help you bring new ideas to life, generate revenue, create efficiencies, and put a strategic focus on everything you do, ensuring your actions and activities align with your goals and objectives.

While some of our clients prefer to work with us on a project-by-project basis, the richest results come from longer term partnerships where we are seen as an extension of your team and act not just as your consultant but also as your brand champion, constantly looking for strategic opportunities for you and helping you to evolve over time.

Strategic Growth and Brand Development

Whether you’re new to internationalisation or you’ve been recruiting internationally for a while, it’s no secret that competition is intensifying, meanwhile, economic and political forces are making recruitment more challenging.

We act as an enabler for your brand, empowering and strengthening your institution or organisation from within. Once your strategic objectives are set, we’ll adapt your brand story and align your marketing plans to your overarching goals, including customisation options for various key markets and customer types.

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Setting the
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Make it Happen

We are entrepreneurs at heart and we love making things happen. From creating a new brand or product to launching a fresh website, we have the creative spark of invention and the energy to see projects through to completion.

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Launch and
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Marketing Audits

Are you eager to fine-tune your current marketing and recruitment activities?

Our Marketing Audits offer an objective, independent review of your international student recruitment efforts and give you a wealth of new ideas and recommendations.

With a fresh set of eyes and grounded by our 20 years of experience, we can evaluate, analyse and enhance any of your digital and traditional marketing activities and user journeys.

We can help you achieve stronger results in marketing and recruitment, as well as share
some practical techniques and tips you can implement immediately.

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 Enhance Your
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Understanding Your Audience

Since we cover the full student spectrum from primary schools up to tertiary education, we're very familiar with the hurdles you face when marketing to students and parents overseas or working with partners and third parties to amplify your reach. The more you know about your prospects and consumers, the more effective your marketing and communications will be. Here's where strong customer personas come in!

Understanding your audience also means keeping up to date with their changing behavioural patterns and preferences, particularly when they're impacted by external forces such as economic swings, the political climate or Covid-19.

We can design, run, and analyse surveys or focus groups with your prospects, students, alumni or partners. Finally, we’ll show you how to track the consumer experience and build ongoing feedback loops into your everyday processes starting from enquiries and going straight through till graduation.

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Get Creative with Content

Not a day goes by without us writing some form of content for our clients, whether it’s a short and snappy email campaign, enticing webpage content, or a meaty report.

Our content approach combines the strength of strategy with the power of SEO and adds a creative flair on top to let your brand story shine.

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Staff Training and Development

In addition to our consultancy and project work, our founder Jackie Kassteen also regularly gives customised professional development training sessions in order to educate and empower your team.

We offer a variety of training options for institutions, staff, and teachers – from short and sweet finely targeted topics to 2-3 full day masterclasses.

Jackie is well-known for her dynamic presentations which provide both inspiration as well as practical tips and proven techniques.

Use the contact form below to ask us about Jackfruit Marketing's services or training sessions.

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